pets in planes

Everyone wants to travel with their pets, here are some tips, how to avoid problems while traveling.

  • Your animal must have all required vaccines in order to be permitted on board.
pet vaccination
  • All dogs and cats traveling within the European Union must be identified by an electronic chip. It should also possess a European passport. Provided and completed by an authorized veterinarian, the passport identifies your pet and certifies that it is properly vaccinated.
  • We recommend that you check with the embassy of your destination country to learn more about national regulations. For example, for travel to Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom or Malta, additional sanitary conditions apply.
pet regulations
  • For travel outside the European Union, be sure to consider the regulations enforced in both the originating and destination countries (vaccinations, quarantine, etc.).
  • Air France declines all responsibility for any costs incurred (booking modification fees, hotel stay, kennel fees, etc.) in case your animal is refused transport due to non-compliance with our provisions, or in case your animal is refused upon arrival due to non-compliance with the provisions established by the country of destination.