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Fees And Payout Methods

How much is your service fee?

Our service fee is 25%, which will be deducted from Flight Compensation.

Will I still have to pay if the case is lost?

Flyinspectors works on a “no win, no fee” basis. So if we don’t win the case, we won’t charge you any fee for our services — that’s part of Flyinspectors promise.

Can you transfer money to someone else's name?

Yes, we can transfer money, in case, you will provide the ID card of the person to whom we should make the transfer.

How much am I entitled to be compensated?

The amount of compensation depends on the distance of your flight between airports:

  • In case of a flight is up to 1500 km -250 Euro
  • In case of flights between 1500 – 3500 km – 400 Euro
  • In case of flights over 3500 km-600 Euro


Delay at the final destination should be more than 3 hours.

What do I need to receive compensation?

To start the case is required the copies of the ticket and the passport. We will prepare the following documentation: Declaration of Assignment, POA and Agreement.

In which cases, can I claim compensation?

The compensation is eligible to claim in case of the following circumstances:

  • The flight is delayed at least 3 hours.
  • Delayed flight causes you to miss your connection and arrive at your final destination 3 or more hours later than scheduled.
  • You were denied boarding because the flight was overbooked.
  • Flight cancelation qualifies for compensation when the airline has given you less than 14 days’ notice.

In which cases, is compensation not eligible?

Following situations are not subject of compensation:

  • Strikes by airport employees or air traffic control
  • Extreme weather conditions

Emergency health conditions

Submitting a Claim

Can I claim any extra expenses (hotel, new ticket, food, taxi, etc.) that resulted from a flight disruption?

If you have saved checks, we can request a reimbursement from the airline.

How do I submit a claim to Flyinspectors?

You can fill in the application on our website, contact us via e-mail or on Facebook.

I was traveling with other passengers - do I need to submit a separate claim for each?

If you were traveling in a group you can submit a single claim for all of you, as long as everyone is able to provide us with the required documents. The claim can also be filled separately.

Can filing a case against the airline affect my ability to travel with them or other airlines in the future?

Filling a legal case against the airline won’t have any effect on your freedom to travel with them or any other airlines in the future.

I was provided by voucher and accommodation from the airline, am I still entitled to compensation?

You are still entitled to compensation. In case of canceled/ delayed flight, the airline is obliged to provide passengers with meals, drinks and telephone calls.

How can I check the status of my claim?

After we receive signed documentation, the company will open the case with the airline. The procedure requires a period from 2 weeks to 1 month. In case of a positive answer, reimbursement will be transferred within 14 working days.

Our staff will provide you with any updates during the process. Please note that in some cases less time is required for resolution, though there are cases when the process is delayed.

Why did the airline reduce my compensation by 50%?

In accordance with EU regulations, airlines can reduce the compensation amount by half in one specific situation: if they offered you an alternative, “re-routed” flight to your final destination, which arrived within a couple of hours of your original flight.

Why does it take so long to get compensation?

While we put all our efforts into making the claim process as short as possible, the process does involve some third parties who we need to coordinate with, such as airlines and State Executive bodies. Some have quick processing and response times, others take a bit longer. Rest assured we push them to respond as fast as they can.

I was denied boarding - Can I file a claim for compensation?

If you were denied boarding because the flight was overbooked, you are entitled to compensation, and you can file a claim.

Unfortunately, if you were denied boarding for a reason that was under your control, such as showing up late at the boarding gate or not having correct travel documents, then you aren’t entitled to compensation.

If you think you have a valid reason why you couldn’t make your flight, we recommend that you contact the airline directly and explain your case. Sometimes, even though the airline isn’t legally obliged to pay, they might extend a different form of compensation (vouchers, discounts, etc.) as a form of “goodwill”.

Documents and Privacy

Why do you need Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney provides our company to file a case with the airline in order to receive compensation on your behalf. The power of attorney applies only to the specific case and is valid only through the case.

How do I sign a Power of Attorney (POA) or a Declaration of Assignment correctly?

Filling the documents is required by a blue pen. Please indicate in the city the location you are at the moment of signing; the date you have filled in the information, address and the signature.

The signature must necessarily coincide with the passport signature.

Why do you need a copy of my Passport?

We only request a copy of a personal identification document in order to meet a requirement of airlines. At Flyinspectors, we take your privacy very seriously and all personal data is stored securely. Documentation is sent only to the airline, in order to get compensation on your behalf.

We are also compliant with all the EU data protection regulations.

Who should sign documents on behalf of minors?

If your claim includes a passenger who is under the age of 18, all documents will need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian on their behalf.

Air Passenger Law

What are the extraordinary circumstances?

Extraordinary circumstances refer to any events outside of the airline’s control that have resulted in a flight disruption. These are situations where disruption could not have been avoided, even if the airline had taken all reasonable measures.

I missed my connecting flight - am I entitled to compensation?

If you missed a connecting flight, you are entitled to compensation if your situation meets one of the following criteria:


  • You had one or more connecting flights under the same booking.
  • A delayed flight causes you to miss your connection and arrive at your final destination 3 or more hours later than scheduled.

If the delay or cancellation was not due to an extraordinary circumstance.

My flight was canceled - am I entitled to compensation?

If the airline informs you of your flight cancellation less than 14 days ahead of your scheduled departure, then you are entitled to compensation.

Does weather affect my eligibility?

Yes, flights disrupted by extreme weather conditions are not eligible for compensation. Airlines may cancel or delay flights if environmental conditions could affect their passengers’ safety. Extreme weather falls under extraordinary circumstances and is, therefore, beyond the airline’s control. Thought, we will look through each case and ask for compensation accordingly.

Can I claim compensation from a flight that was paid by the third party?

The compensation follows the passenger – not who paid for the ticket. If you’re late on a trip, you as a passenger can claim compensation.