Flight Cancellation Compensation of up to 600 EURyour rights in case of flight cancellation

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Just like delays, flight cancellations happen. And it's not rare.

Flight cancellations can happen without prior notice, which can harm your travel plans.
The European Union Act 261 in such cases allows up to 600 EUR compensation.


Which airlines can you get compensation from.

According to EC 261 law, compensation coverage depends on the origin of the airline and the flight direction. For details see the chart:

Destination/Airline originRegistered in EURegistered outside EU
From EU to EUCompensatableCompensatable
From EU to outside EUCompensatableCompensatable
From outside EU to EUCompensatableNot Compensatable
From outside EU to outside EUNot CompensatableNot Compensatable

You have the right to claim compensation if:

  • Your flight was cancelled without at least 14 days prior notice;
  • The flight was cancelled no more than three years ago;
  • Flight cancellation is caused by airline;
  • Even if the airline offered you a voucher for food and hotel.

How Much

How much compensation should you get for flight delay?

For flights covered by EU law EC 261, any delay longer than three hours and any cancellation without at least 14 days prior entitles you to a financial compensation.

The amount of flight compensation you receive depends on the duration of the delay and the distance of your flight. For details see the chart:

Distance/DelayLess than 3 hours3-4 hoursMore than 4 hoursCancelled Flight
Less than 1500 kmEUR 250EUR E250EUR 250
More than 1500 km inside EUEUR 400EUR 400EUR 400
1500-3500 km ourside EUEUR 400EUR 400EUR 400
More than 3500 km outside EUEUR 300EUR 600EUR 600

Be Aware

Compensation for business travelers and public officials

Even if the flight was delayed during the business visit and the ticket was purchased by your employer, you have the right to receive compensation as a victim passenger and not a ticket buyer.

Provision of food, communication facilities and accommodation

The EC 261 law imposes obligation to airline. You as a delayed flight passenger, carrier must provide you with meals and refreshments during the delay as well as access to communications. You also have the right to request international call, send mail or fax and stay in hotel.

Alternate flight

During the delayed flight, you have the option of a different flight, you have the right to request an alternative flight operator to purchase an alternative ticket. This is also possible even if the new flight class exceeds the ticket class you purchased on the delayed flight.

Cash compensation or voucher

When your flight is delayed, your airline may offer you compensation in the form of flight vouchers. But be careful – in accordance with the legislation, with the passenger voucher you refuse to accept financial compensation in the future.

Think You Qualify For A Compensation?